UberPOOL Getting Safer and Smarter?

Hopefully This Will Make Uberpool Safer and Less Stressful.

Speaking of safety, UberPOOL is getting safer and smarter by asking passengers to get out at better destinations — even if that means walking a few more feet to their destination — rather than in high-traffic zones.

An Inflatable Collar Can Save Your Life

Leave Your Life Jacket On The Shore and Swim Safely With This Inflatable Collar. Despite their utility, orange life jackets are the opposite of cool. And when you factor in the human invincibility complex, you get a bad situation: people out on the water without adequate flotation devices.

Microsoft Power BI and Office 365 analytics

Microsoft Power BI and Office 365 analytics

As machine learning, digital storage, and analytics software get more advanced, data is becoming more valuable than ever. Even businesses that don’t rely on data to operate are starting to find ways to get more value out of their information. Microsoft’s newest platform is an excellent example of that — and it’s free!

What is Power BI?

Released in the spring of 2016, Power BI is Microsoft’s business analytics platform.

Do You Have a Business or a Job?

When I started my first company, I thought I was out of the grind of a job. Sure, my company was successful, but after nine years, I realized that I still had a job, not a business. My stress level was still high, and I hadn’t made myself any happier than if I had a regular job.

SMBs in the know need to know about the threats of #cybersecurity. Get the facts:

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Airport Jacket

If you always find yourself forking out for excess baggage every time you take a flight, then an Aussie-based startup has come up with an ingenious solution that’ll have you confidently packing the kitchen sink for your next trip. The “Airport Jacket” is, for all intents and purposes, a wearable suitcase.

#Ransomware has had a BIG year, costing SMBs $75+ billion dollars in downtime. Seriously: