They work within our budget and timeline

RCC is excellent at boiling down the issues and identifying the priority areas that need to be addressed. They have been flexible working within our budget and timeline. The team works very well with my staff and have proven to be essential advisors in helping us to make critical purchasing decisions for technology systems and equipment.

Town Manager
Town of West Warwick

RCC provides clear, concise and accurate billing

The biggest challenge for me over the past several years is trying to stay on top of the equipment inventory and services we are invoiced for on a monthly basis, as well as the age of all of the equipment. For the first time in several years, I finally have a handle on all of it and I am thrilled! The billing and tracking process that RCC provides is clear, concise and accurate. I don't need to spend hours trying to figure out what my invoice includes.

COBRA Administration & Health Services, Inc.

I cannot be happier with their services

As a small business, our company had an internal IT person for about ten years. In the last couple years, as the company grew, we debated outsourcing our IT needs, but we were worried about the additional cost and the amount of time it would take to make the switch. We prolonged our decision too long and in February 2016 we were hit with an encryption virus that wiped out an employee’s entire hard drive as well hundreds of files on other computers. Our business was shut down for days while we ordered new computers and tried to recover old files. Unfortunately, it took this event for us to realize how vulnerable our IT infrastructure was in the hands of our current IT person. It turned out our IT person had never done a backup of any employee computers and we were not able to recover any of the information on the encrypted hard drive; we lost years of client’s paperwork and information. The amount money and time we lost due to this encryption virus cannot be measured.

When we made the decision to use RCC there were still some skeptical people in the office. The biggest hesitation was that RCC didn’t understand our business and what we did day to day. Another concern was the cost. The final concern was how much time and frustration would be involved in the switch.

After several months of working with the RCC staff, I cannot be happier with their services. They have gone out of their way to work with our schedule and make the transition extremely smooth. The entire RCC staff is responsive, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. I feel the cost of outsourcing our IT needs has been well worth it. The billing is very accurate and fair and we receive a detailed invoice every month. Since we have been working with RCC I can’t remember feeling frustrated with my computer at any point, and I cannot think of a single time that anyone in our office lost productivity due to an unresolved issue.

We are very happy with RCC and I only wish I had made the switch a couple years earlier.

N.E. Bridge Contractor, Inc

I don’t have to worry about my network with RCC

I personally made the mistake by going with a less expensive IT company in November of 2014. The IT provider we had at the time merged with a larger company and could not tend to our small business needs. After narrowing it down between RCC and a company that was just down the street and a couple hundred dollars less per month, I went with the less expensive company. Within the first 2 months I knew it was the wrong decision. We were still not up and running with full capabilities. As the Controller of the company I had to learn how to set up new employee computers, email, programs and profiles due to lack of response and lack of our system as they never took the time to know it. I had 4 meetings with them to try to get them to step up. During one of these meetings it came to my attention that they never installed any monitoring software on our PC’s and, more importantly, the server. There were several other issues, so we ended up firing them and I went straight to RCC.

RCC came in immediately, secured our network and exposed a number of security and performance issues that could have potentially shut us down for some time. It has been about 4 months now and I can say I am confident that if something were to happen, RCC would not only know before I knew but be ready to get started on it. Other issues from setting up new employees to, getting knocked off the network, RCC is on it. As far as overall cost goes I spent at a minimum of 80—120 hours of my personal time from Nov 2014-July 2015 working on and learning how to fix IT issues. I am happy to write the check every month to RCC and not have to worry about anything to do with computers, the network or anything that could go wrong with it.

Capital Lease Group

It's some of the best money we spend each month

I was skeptical about having someone else maintain my equipment. In the past we had always relied on one or two savvy employees to handle our IT maintenance, upgrades, and network. The problem was that IT issues/threats did not wait until we had the extra time to perform these tasks. As well, security risks are constant and new attacks with new technology are imminent. The hackers do not sleep. After having major security breaches and loss of data on two occasions, we knew something had to change. RCC listened to my concerns and explained in depth why RCC was the best choice for us. I do not worry anymore about coming in some morning and have a major IT problem dropped into my lap! I sleep better at night. We did have a few hiccups at the start of the process, but now everything is seamless and integrated. We all come in to work every morning and fire up our computers and they work, no more virus worries, and no more file loss nightmares. We have all become more productive and the boss is happy for that too. The monthly fee RCC charges for the maintenance and security software is minimal when you look at the big picture, it's some of the best money we spend each month. Thank you!

Sir Speedy Cranston

Great decision for our organization

Contracting with RCC was a great decision for our organization. I now feel confident that our systems are properly maintained and managed and as a manager, that is extremely valuable. The RCC team has exceeded our expectations. I am happy to recommend them to other organizations.

Town Manager
Town of West Warwick

Let the IT experts handle IT

RCC helped us move to Office 365 in the spring of 2016. The biggest benefits to us are Peace of Mind that emails are backed up and can be recovered easily if necessary as well as Accessibility from anywhere, any device, any time.

Prior to working with RCC we had a one man shop so having a team with a wide variety of expertise has been very helpful. My opinion is that business owners should let the IT experts handle IT; focus on the other business challenges that make your business special.

Dasko Label

Very Happy

I've only been with RCC for 3 months now, but I've been very happy. Getting IT support very easy. I just call, tell them which computer needs help and they immediately go onto that machine and fix it.

Newport Family Foot Care

Very satisfied

We are very satisfied with RCC's work and their staff. Price should not be a consideration when you are talking about your data. I found RCC's price to be very competitive.

R&D Technologies

Great Customer Service and Support

"Michael and the entire staff are always there for us – prompt, courteous and above-and-beyond levels of customer service that should be a model for all businesses but would be hard to replicate. It comes from Michael’s outstanding professionalism and integrity, which he has imbued within the entire office. You know you are in good hands whenour service people can handle whatever arises with dispatch!"

Aaronson, Lavoie Streitfeld Diaz and Co, PC

They have never let us down

We have a lot of confidential information entrusted to us, court cases and employment and personnel information in addition to the normal business information like credit card and payment information. Also, we face an added challenge with so much of our own data being transferred to offsite location due to our national affiliation. Data breeches and cyberattacks would do more than cost us money, they would destroy the trust in us that our membership has. We rely on RCC for this critical piece of our business, and we rely on them to let us know what threats we face and what we need to do in order to stop them. They have never let us down, and more often than not they are the ones informing us of threats or attempts to compromise our system.


RCC Goes Above and Beyond the Requirements of the Job

"I wanted to provide some feedback on John’s work during our office move. We had an issue with our server during the move, and without our server we’d have been unable to operate. John went above and beyond to get it repaired and up and running over the weekend – even though he had started his vacation. It’s that type of service that makes a difference and I truly appreciate it."

APPS Para-Medical - Rhode Island Office

Increased Productivity with RCC

"We have used RCC as our IT support for the last 5 years. This has reduced our computer downtime & increased productivity tremendously. Michael & his staff have responded quickly, professionally, & comprehensively to our office's computing needs. They have helped manage office networking needs as well as making hardware recommendations. They saved us money & aggravation with software updates. As well, they have helped us plan for expansion & have limited future expenditures with forward thinking. I spend significantly less energy being concerned about our IT needs since we have transitioned to RCC."

Exceptional Natural Products

Full Management of My Network

"RCC has maintained our network since 2000. At that time we had about 8 computers at one location. We now have over 30 workstations and several servers at eight different locations around Rhode Island. We depend on RCC to manage all the computers and servers at our agency and have been very satisfied with their work. I would recommend them to any small to medium sized business that needs good IT support."

Women's Development Corporation

Our investment is well worth the return

Having dealt with RCC since 2000, I feel that our investment is well worth the return! They have been there to help whenever they can in a timely manner. The quality of service and willingness to work through problems, whether over-the-phone or an on-site solution, RCC has been there for us. Though pricing is a factor, it has always been a consideration when they make a decision to resolve a problem. I feel that the money we pay, for the services we receive, has created a rapport with RCC, as well as an assurance that they will provide us with the best possible service at all times.

Hull Forest Products

I would encourage any company to move to their services to RCC.

We are very loyal to our vendors and making a change was something that we did not take lightly. We met with Michael, as well as some of his staff, to go over some of the issues we were experiencing. He clearly explained the services RCC provided, turnaround times for technical issues, billing process and HIPAA training. He and his staff have continued to follow through with everything that was initially discussed. His staff is ALWAYS courteous, knowledgeable and responsive. We are extremely pleased with RCC and expect to be a long term client!

COBRA Administration & Health Services, Inc.

RCC is Part of Our Team

"Because we don’t have an in-house IT department, it was imperative for us, as an organization, to outsource this service to a company that works for us, tailored to our needs. RCC ensures that all our computer needs are met and explained to us in a manner in which we can understand it. In the 11 years we have worked with RCC (since 1999), they have always taken a proactive approach in maintaining and upgrading our computers and server so that preventive measures are taken vs. reactive measures. The IT staff member assigned to our organization is very knowledgeable and prompt in addressing any issues that may arise in our office; which is extremely important to the Providence Teachers Union so we can continue with the day-to-day operation."

Providence Teachers Union

They give us valuable advice when we are balancing major decisions

We understand that the most important consideration one pays for any service is the bottom line. But we also know that the bottom line is not made up just from the upfront costs, but by the 'other' costs as well: the lower cost of experts who get it right the first time, the lower cost of experts who are there immediately when you need them, the lower cost of experts who can give you best value advice available when you are balancing major decisions. That is why we use RCC for our network support.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." - Ben Franklin

Gannon & Scott


Fast response is priceless!

igus Inc.

They have our back

Since we have gone to the monitoring and management system that RCC offers, I feel quite confident that they “have our back”. It offers us a feeling of security, knowing that they are aware of problems, sometimes even before we are! It is good to know that they are watching, being proactive in our struggle to preserve the health of our network and maintain security.

Hull Forest Products

They are always available to answer my questions

RCC was referred to us from another business associate. The plan they set forth for accomplishing our company objectives, was thorough and provided many options depending on the “risk” the company would assume in the event of an issue. Going forward, any additional requests were completed timely and in a very professional manner. The RCC staff is always available to answer my questions and provide guidance and suggestions for solutions to our issues. New or replacement equipment is accurately quoted and approved by us before being installed. The equipment is properly configured and tested before being put into service. Service updates are done after hours or scheduled well in advance to minimize any disruptions to staff. The peace of mind knowing that RCC is always there keeps our company a loyal customer.

Modular Thermal Technologies

One of the most reliable companies we use

Price is important but reliability is the issue. As a vendor RCC has been one of the most reliable companies we use to run our business. Support is there when I need it and the behind the scenes support I don’t see keeps the network running. The staff is pleasant, courteous and professional even when client may not be.

Herbold Meckesheim USA

Their knowledge and work processes save time and money

We chose RCC because as a small business our resources are best directed at delivering our own services and expertise to clients, not redirecting energy and valuable time to office IT issues. RCC is highly efficient at IT tasks. Their knowledge and work processes save time and money.

While I do review and educate myself on IT purchases and fixes, I’m never wasting time now doing parallel research and having to second guess decisions. RCC’s advice and proposals have been spot on and fairly priced.

Parker Group

I highly recommend them

Whenever I call up RCC for technical help, I get an immediate response, not I'll call you back later. I am a real dinosaur and it is like learning a new language for me, so it is important that I deal with someone who keeps it simple,which they do. I can come to work everyday knowing that someone is keeping an eye on my computer offsite, which allows me to concentrate on more important issues, like finding new business. I highly recommend them.

NCA, Inc.

We need the best service

At our association, we rely on our computer system for everything and we only work as well as they do. We can not fulfill our mission without working computers, so if our computers go down it costs us money in the form of productivity. We wouldn’t consider this as an area to cut corners, we need the best service, and look at it in terms of value. The value provided by RCC is why we would recommend them to anyone.


Very good value

When I contacted RCC, I wasn't sure what to expect. I have used several different IT consultants and not all of my experiences were positive. One was really expensive and I was pressured to accept their expensive recommendations. Another, quoted me a low hourly rate, but I got the feeling that they recaptured some of the revenue by taking longer to accomplish their tasks - either by design or due to inexperience. Yet another was not very timely in responding to my emails. With RCC, I feel that you get a very good value. They have always accomplished jobs more or less within the range that they quoted me and it is the predictability that I like because any time that I am not working during business hours represents a lot of lost revenue for me. I highly recommend RCC for their professionalism and reliability. They have relieved me of worrying about my computer network and allowed me to concentrate on other more important things.


RCC is a valuable partner that works alongside us

RCC’s pricing is very competitive for the level of service they provide to Coastline. The expertise that they demonstrate in the planning and execution of improvements to our IT system is well worth the price. We are happy to have RCC as a valuable partner that works alongside us to move the agency forward.

Coastline recognizes that it is critically important to have reliable monitoring and backups in place and this was a priority when we engaged RCC. They have been extremely responsive to this need and have also provided strong support in our HIPAA assessment and compliance plan. In short time, RCC has helped Coastline make great strides in improving our network security.

Coastline Elderly Services, Inc.