Spring Clean Your Computer For Maximum Performance

With Spring in the air, now is a good time to do an annual clean up of the computers, servers and electronic equipment in your office, both inside and out.

Failure to thoroughly clean your computer at least once or twice a year will result in decreased performance and possibly even system failures.

What Is SaaS?

Would you like to completely eliminate the cost and hassle of upgrades, patches, and other support issues associated with Microsoft Office, e-mail, and other applications you use?

Do you dread the profit-sucking outlay of cash every time you need to upgrade Microsoft Office, purchase new applications, or when you add a new PC to the network?

Would you like to be able to access your e-mail, database, and other applications while on the road without having to deal with synchronization problems once you get back to the office?  Then you’ll definitely want to consider SaaS.

SaaS is geek-speak for “software as a service” and it’s quickly growing in popularity for companies who want to offload the heavy costs of installing and maintaining a computer network.

Yahoo Is Shutting Off Telecommuting – Should You?

The recent decision of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to stop telecommuting has cast a negative light on this practice. After checking the company’s VPN log to see how many remote employees were logging in, she didn’t like what she saw. Effective June 2015, telecommuting is no longer an acceptable practice at Yahoo.

Is Google The Computer From Star Trek?

If you’ve ever seen a Star Trek episode, you’ll know that “computer” always knew the answer to whatever the commander needed to know to run the starship, do battles with aliens and it even made tea…Earl Grey…hot. In business today, Google has taken on the role of answering questions and providing information.

Do I Need To Back Up Data That’s Already In The Cloud?

The computing world is forever changing. Over the last 15 years, SaaS (software as a service) providers have offered the convenience of data backup for your cloud applications such as CRM systems, SalesForce, Google Apps and Microsoft 365. The business question is, if I’m already working with a SaaS provider and my data is already “in” the cloud, do I really need to back up my data to another cloud? After all, isn’t the SaaS provider doing that for me?

Well yes, and no.

Shiny New Gadget Of The Month: Sanebox

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or even drowning with the number of emails in your inbox?
Then Sanebox could be your answer. This month’s gadget is a cloud-based software application that helps you manage your email. Sanebox analyzes your email behaviour on all your devices.