5 tips for cashing in on tech trends

More money on less investment, that’s the dream, right? Well, counterintuitive as it may seem, flash-in-the-pan tech fads and trends may be just the way to achieve that. With the right tools, you can associate your SMB with popular new technologies without much investment. These are our five tips on how to cash in on […]

Is Your Mobile Website Stressing People Out?

Is your mobile website stressing people out? Of course, page-load times can affect conversion and brand perception. But did you know they also affect user heart rate and stress levels? According to a 2016 study on mobility by Ericsson, page-loading delays lead to an average 38% jump in heart rate.

Do you speak “Data”?

Quick, what’s the most important thing about your business’s precious data? Besides knowing how to back it up properly and protect it from catastrophic loss, how about understanding all the lingo used to describe it? The term “big data” – in reference to large, complex data sets – is a well-known buzzword these days, but […]

Want to Know Your Lyft and Uber Rating?

Want to know your Lyft or Uber passenger rating? Ratings are a two-way street with both Uber and Lyft. Of course, as a passenger you can rate your driver. Yet passengers are rated too, by their drivers. To find your average Uber passenger rating, open your Uber app and tap the menu bar in the top left corner.

Introducing… Lilium Jet!

Skip the airport – just hop in your e-jet and fly! By 2018, owning your own battery-powered VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) two-seater could be one step closer to reality. That’s the plan for the Lilium Jet, being developed in Germany under the auspices of the European Space Agency.

Client Spotlight: MBA Mortgage

MBA Mortgage, located in Braintree, Massachusetts, offers a complete line of mortgage planning tools and secured mortgage loan products to both residential and commercial clients. MBA is licensed in MA, ME, NH, and RI. RCC migrated their email to the cloud and recently installed a new server for them.

5 simple but manageable security measures

Don’t be put off by the tech jargon of security experts you find in forums and self-help books. A managed service provider is what you need to break down complex security ideas into easy-to-understand language. However, they generally focus on installing and managing protection software that’s often far too complicated to operate without their help. […]

Your Crystal Ball For Hiring

First, a brief history, to earn your trust. I studied in graduate school 20 years ago with the Father of Management, Peter Drucker. He estimated that managers make hiring mistakes 50% of the time.

This topic of hiring talented teams always intrigued me.