How VR helps with business growth

Most people tend to think that the concept of virtual reality has a place with The Jetsons family, but not so much at the office — think again. Recently, more and more businesses are exploring ways they can mesh virtual reality with daily business operations to possibly help benefit customer service and even employee satisfaction. […]

VMware’s Project Goldilocks: what is it?

Almost every day, the virtualization industry takes a giant leap forward. Although this industry has been reserved for only the most technologically advanced of businesses over the years, it’s spreading like wildfire with advances in cloud computing. As engineers create virtual versions of hardware, storage, and even networks, digital architects are coming up with entirely […]

Did You Know Your iPhone Could Do This?

Respond to texts without unlocking the phone. When you get a notification, swipe left on the message and a blue “Reply” button appears. Just tap it and text away!

Take a photo with the volume button. For that ultimate, one-handed selfie, open the camera app and press the “+” button for volume on the side of your phone.

9 essential cybersecurity phrases

As with all technology, trendy phrases come and go with the passing of every IT conference and newly released virus. And when dealing with cybersecurity, keeping up with them all can mean the survival — or demise — of a business. If you’re looking for a list of the industry’s most relevant terms, you’ve come […]

Are you addicted to your work?

To find out, rate yourself 1 to 5 on the following statements. Give yourself a 5 for “often” and 1 for “rarely”: a) You think of how to free up more time to work. b) You spend more time working than initially intended. c) Your work helps you reduce feelings of guilt, anxiety, helplessness and depression.

Client Spotlight: JTL Companies

JTL Companies is a family owned and operated year round landscaping and winter services company. They offer commercial and residential landscaping and materials, organic lawn care, and snow and ice management. RCC provides full assistance with network and desktop support, has recently migrated JTL’s email to the cloud and is currently merging their files to a secure file sharing system.

Improve networking with LinkedIn Alumni

How many times have you heard the saying “It’s not about what you do but who you know”? — probably too many to count. Regardless of whether that’s your current business mantra, it’s hard to ignore the advantages of tapping into your network. From landing jobs to furthering your career, the benefits of building relationships […]