Want better collaboration at work? Play these tunes

Research has already shown that teams who listen to music together at work feel more bonded and collaborate better. Yet that begs the question – what type of music do you listen to? It’s a topic likely to end up in wrangling and conflict. However, a recent study at Cornell University offers a scientific answer.

AWS to launch “Glue” service

Many businesses and enterprises have long struggled with the drudgery and difficulty that is data analysis — especially data analysis in a cloud-based system. AWS (Amazon Web Services) may have just the solution to that problem. A new app, known as “Glue,” offers the opportunity for businesses to clean up data to help analytics run […]

Containers Vs. VMs: performance variations

Virtual containers have incrementally increased the ability of users to create portable, self-contained kernels of information and applications since the technology first appeared in the early 2000s. Now, containers are one of the biggest data trends of the decade — some say at the expense of the virtual machine (VM) technology that preceded them. Read […]

Reality will never be the same with Daydream VR

While it isn’t as pixel-rich as PC-tethered systems like Oculus Rift, Daydream is fully mobile. That means, for instance, you could navigate through a museum and get way more interactive with the exhibits. Google’s “View” headset with clickable touchpad controller is just the first of many to come, as other developers jump into mobile VR. As for apps, Google says there will be at least 50 in the Play Store by the end of December.

At The Office: Be The Adult In The Room

There’s a reason people refer to the office as a “sandbox,” because some folks refuse to act like adults. And, if the level of childish behavior rises to tantrum pitch and the culture becomes toxic, there’s no chance for communication or growth.

Client Spotlight: Sir Speedy

Sir Speedy, located in Cranston, Rhode Island, has provided printing services for over 40 years. They develop integrated marketing campaigns, websites, brands, launch promotions and more. Since RCC has become Sir Speedy’s IT department, RCC has installed a new firewall and setup secure file sharing and backup.

Predicting cyber-threats in 2017

As 2017 rolls in, the threat of more formidable cyber attacks looms large. Hackers and the cyber police will spend a lot of time outsmarting each other, while consumers of technology, individuals and businesses alike, anticipate the best security plan that can guarantee they sleep soundly at night. When it comes to defending against cyber-attacks, […]