Microsoft and Citrix: a match made in heaven

Azure and XenDesktop may not be household names, but the newest partnership between Microsoft’s cloud platform and Citrix’s virtualization client are making big waves in the industry. Announced at Citrix’s annual partner Summit, the newest thing in virtualization is a win for everyone. For those who don’t know, Azure is Microsoft’s build-it-yourself cloud platform. With […]

Miss Your Pets When You’re at Work?

The Furbo Dog Camera lets you play with your pet from miles away. Missing your pup while you’re at work or on the road? Pull out your Android or iPhone and check in. Furbo delivers 720p video in a 120-degree field so you see what’s going on at home.

Uber’s New Destination

Uber has added a new destination: people. Let’s say you just flew into Phoenix and you want to meet a friend there for drinks before heading to your hotel. It used to be that you’d ask them, “Where are you? … Where’s that again?” then try to quickly type in the address before you forgot any of the details, hoping you didn’t misspell anything.

Some ransomware strains are free to decrypt

Ransomware is everywhere. Over the last couple years, dozens of unique versions of the malware have sprung up with a singular purpose: Extorting money from your business. Before you even consider paying for the release of your data, the first thing you must always check is whether your ransomware infection already has a free cure. […]

VirZOOM coming to a gym near you!

Imagine traveling through a virtual forest on the back of a Pegasus in a race against other fitness buffs... VirZOOM hopes their stationary, VR-equipped exercise bikes will soon be coming to an arcade or fitness center near you. They’ve already installed the bikes in over a dozen venues in the US, from Connecticut to California.

Solve It By Sundown

The Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before. This worldwide broadcasting system can disseminate information without regard to geographic locations at the speed of a “click,” and therein lies a BIG PROBLEM.

The speed of a “click” has now conditioned us to how fast we expect things.

Have you heard about Our Managed Security Service?

We believe you can fight back against cybercriminals. Our Managed Security Service is a multi-layered prevention plan designed to keep you safe. We focus on three areas:

Prevent the likelihood of a cyber-attack;
Educate staff to reduce security breaches;
Mitigate loss in the event of a cyber-attack.

Shiny New Gadget Of The Month: Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s long-awaited new gaming platform Switch should be available any day now, if it isn’t already. It combines the best elements of handheld games with a home console. Handheld, the gamepad is the screen. Slip it into its dock and it plays on your TV.

The gamepad comes with two detachable “Joy-Cons.

“Lucky Charm” Keeps Hackers Out

Ralph’s been a good employee for you. Shows up on time. Gets the job done. Doesn’t hassle anybody.

He’s also a porn addict. When nobody’s looking, he’s visiting sites – on your network – that you’d be appalled to see. IF…you knew about them.