Is your in-car GPS necessary anymore?

Smartphones offer turn-by-turn navigation, satellite-tracked speed readings, voice guidance and real-time, traffic alerts. So why dish out another 300 bucks for your own on-dash, in-car system? Well, those in-car systems have come a long way too… Having voice-command capability, Bluetooth connectivity, geo-based recommendations and a large fixed screen might be reason enough.

What is virtual “sandboxing”?

Virtualization comes with several benefits for small- and medium-sized businesses. One of the most important is cybersecurity, but even within that subset are several strategies for protecting your organization. One of such strategy is referred to as sandboxing, and it’s worth learning about. What is sandboxing? Sandboxing is one of the rare concepts in virtualization […]

Believe You Can Be Extraordinary

I left my home some 7,000 miles away with little money in my pocket. I was eager – and just 17.

My father died when I was six, and I came to America for college with the words of my mother still ringing in my ears: “If you want to be a great person, you have to walk side by side, hand in hand, with great people.

Shiny New Gadget Of The Month: Surface Studio

Surface Studio: Beauty Has A Sleek New Look

“We want to move from people needing Windows…to loving Windows.”

So said CEO Satya Nadella after taking over Microsoft. And their new Surface Studio takes a bold step in that direction.

In a bid to win over creative types, they designed the Studio with a gorgeous desktop screen that easily glides from vertical to almost horizontal, like an artist’s sketchpad.

The phishing craze that’s blindsiding users

Most phishing attacks involve hiding malicious hyperlinks hidden behind enticing ad images or false-front URLs. Whatever the strategy is, phishing almost always relies on users clicking a link before checking where it really leads. But even the most cautious users may get caught up in the most recent scam. Take a look at our advice […]

Get totally weird with new Virtual Reality (VR) tools

You may not have a clue about how to draw at all, much less in 3-D. Doesn’t matter… Whereas VR used to be a tool for techies, now amateurs can get in on the act. A-Frame by Mozilla, for instance, lets you easily type in commands that place 3-D objects like blocks, balls and more into a VR scene you create.

9 Step Checklist to Secure and Recover Your Data

Summer is upon us… Time for a stroll in the park… softball… fishing… a few rounds of golf…

Yet how could you possibly relax if some random bit of malware, software glitch or cyber-attack catches you off guard just as you’re walking out the door? A well-designed secure computer network gives you the confidence that “all systems are go,” whether you’re having fun in the sun, or just getting things done with your team.