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“The most important question we ask is ‘Is the client happy?’ Then we ask, ‘Has their problem been solved?’” – Michael Rudnick, founder and president of RCC. At RCC, we teach these questions to every staff person on their first day. We repeat them at staff meetings and one-on-one discussions. We repeat them to each other when we’re stuck on a problem and need direction. We repeat these questions so often that staff can quote them in their sleep. Many IT companies think solving their client’s IT problems is all they need to do to make their clients happy. Unfortunately, that attitude leaves their clients in the dark about what’s happening on their network. Just as bad are the IT companies who try to explain what’s happening but use so much ‘geek-speak’ that they might as well be speaking French. That’s why every single tech at RCC is hired based on their technical knowledge and their interpersonal skills. It can make finding the right tech a real chore (just ask our HR manager, Michelle!) Our founder, Michael Rudnick, started RCC in his basement back in 1989. His one-man operation soon became two and our company has grown since then. Once Michael’s basement couldn’t hold all RCC’s staff, we moved to our current office just off North Main St. in Providence. Though we’ve grown a lot, we see ourselves in the “Goldilocks-zone” for our clients. We’re big enough that we can handle several client emergencies at once yet we’re small enough to provide a personal level of support you just can’t get at bigger firms. With us you get:
  • Dedicated Technicians Since you have one point of contact for support, our “whatever it takes” mentality means we stay with you, no matter what, until a successful result is achieved.
  • Affordable Support Plans Simplifying your IT budget is easy with RCC's flexible pricing structure. We can become your complete IT department at a fraction of the cost of owning one.
  • 24x7 Network Monitoring To completely protect our customers, our services don’t stop at 5 o’clock. We monitor your network constantly. If there is a problem, we address it.
  • Highly Professional Staff When we recruit our staff, we want the best. Our employees are hand selected for their exceptional interpersonal and technical skills, strong business acumen and the highest level of professionalism.
  • Maximum Efficiency We keep your technology operating smoothly so you can focus on business. Our exclusive systems and processes ensure that your network is working properly and your staff can be more productive.

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