Thank You for Your Referral

Just like you, we get our best clients through referrals. To that end, I’d like to give you a gift if you refer us to a friend or colleague who might also benefit from our service. Truth is, marketing to get new clients isn’t free, and we’d much rather invest that money with our existing clients (you) by rewarding you for bringing us more clients instead of sending that money to Google or the post office.

Here's How it Works:

  • Refer us to the CEO or key decision maker of another company and we’ll give them a free, network assessment like the one you had (no strings attached, no pressure). We’ll give them a report with our findings. And just to say “thanks” to you, we’ll give you a $50 gift card to the restaurant of your choice, even if they don’t become a client. All they have to do is schedule a consultation with us.
  • If they do become a client, we’ll double that gift card to $100.
  • If they’re smart (like you!) and enroll in one of our managed Guardian plans, we’ll give you a $500 American Express gift card on TOP of the $100; that’s a $600 bonus in your pocket.
  • If you go above and beyond and bring us 5 clients, you’ll not only get the above bonuses for each one ($2,000!), but we’ll also give you two tickets to Fenway Stadium.
All you have to do is provide us with the name, company, phone number and e-mail of the people you are referring and we’ll take care of the rest! Please either:
  • Fill out the form below
  • Call me at 401-272-9262
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