Do you know the cost of your data?

A W2 is just a simple piece of paper. And yet, losing one could cost your company hundreds of dollars. Losing your staff's W2s could cost you thousands.
The Cost of Your Data
Every year, the Ponemon Institute puts out the "Cost of a Data Breach" Report.

Does your company website use HTTPS?

Is your company using HTTPS on your website? If not, your website will soon be listed as unsafe to potential clients or partners. Not only that but Google Search will rank your website lower in its listings.
What is HTTPS?

When someone goes to your website and puts their personal information in a web form (such as your Contact Us page) or makes a purchase from your web store, they are sharing information between their computer and your website.

How does RCC protect your data?

We talk a lot about how you can protect your data from cyber-attack and what damage can occur if you're breached. However, we rarely talk about how RCC protects our client data. This important because IT service providers are being attacked by hackers.

For example, starting in 2017, an elite hacking group in China targeted IT service providers all over the world to steal their client data.