Who is RCC?

RCC is a Providence-based IT firm that has been working with local manufacturers for almost two decades. Our mission is to help manufacturers manage their IT so they can focus on running their business. Whether it's onsite or remote, we'll do whatever we have to so your shop's technology is running at peak condition.


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Don't Wait for a Tech!

RCC offers a live Helpdesk; if you call our Helpdesk number, you'll get a RCC tech right away. You won't need to wait for a callback on your urgent issue or get sent to a call bank out of state. All of our techs are local and have 60+ years of experience between them. There is no problem they can't solve.

Fixing your Problems, Not Patching Them

Most IT shops just fix problems as they come up. That's a lot like patching a leak rather than fixing the pipe. Our managed plans allow us to take a pro-active approach to managing your network. That means we'll get ahead of problems and fix them before they happen. This will keep you from suffering expensive downtime. There is nothing worse than having your shop on hold because a floor machine crashed unexpectedly.

We Know Your Systems

When your business-line software, like Quickbooks, Sage, or Shopworx, goes down, you don't have time to get on the phone with their support team for an hour. There are a dozen things on your priority list and computer problems are the last thing you need. So let RCC work with your vendor. We know the software and your computers. We won't let them off the hook until the issue is resolved to your and our satisfaction. We can also help you with NIST, DFARS and/or GDPR compliance requirements

Client over Bottom Line

Too many IT companies are just trying to sell you the biggest, most expensive thing. It's about what they want, not what you need. What you need is an IT company you can trust. You need to trust them to maintain your company's IT infrastructure. And you need to trust that when they recommend something, it's what's best for your business. That's why RCC has a client-first approach to every aspect of our work.