What would happen IF…


"A company that experiences a computer outage lasting more than ten days will never fully recover financially, fifty percent will be out of business within five years." (Disaster Recovery Planning: "Managing Risk & Catastrophe in Information Systems" by John William Toigo, Yordon Press)

"Forty-three percent of companies experiencing disasters never reopen, and twenty-nine percent close within two years." (McGladrey and Pullen)


We received a call from a dental practice. Their network was down and they needed help in a hurry. When our technician arrived, we found that the server's hard disk was full. No one was monitoring disk space to see if the hard drive was filling up. As a result, the company was down for half a day.

That downtime could have been prevented.


With our 24x7 network monitoring, we take a pulse of your network, making sure that everything is running well. If a problem occurs we are notified and can respond immediately.

Companies that don't suffer network outages, eliminate downtime. That increases productivity and helps the bottom line. Preventative maintenance actually saves businesses money.

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