Your non-profit is more vulnerable than ever! A limited IT budget can mean your confidential data is easy pickings for hackers.

Find out why non-profits in Southeastern New England have been trusting RCC for over 25 years!

  • Fast, reliable solutions to your computer woes
  • Our Helpdesk team answers your support calls right away
  • Our Managed Plans cover all IT needs from desktops to servers within your budget
  • Strategic Technology Planning meetings are included with all managed plans

How RCC Can Help Non-Profits

More and more non-profits and associations like yours are relying on technology to serve their community. But IT is often the last thing on any leadership team's mind. Yet, your technology needs to be constantly maintained and monitored to keep your systems running and your confidential data safe!

A single data breach not only costs your non-profit data and time but it can cost you your reputation as well. That's why RCC is proud to provide technology solutions to non-profits all over Southeastern New England.


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Why RCC?

Your needs differ from the needs of private businesses. RCC understands that. You need a dedicated team who knows you and knows your staff. You need a team that understands and can work within your budget limitations.

That's why, unlike the more traditional "break-fix" technicians out there, RCC offers robust managed service plans. These come with unlimited support at a fixed rate. That fixed rate also allows you to plan out your IT budget with ease. It also means we can take proactive steps in maintaining your network to prevent expensive problems before they happen.

Confidentiality and Compliance

One of the biggest issues your non-profit faces in this growing age of technology is keeping your data safe and secure. Whether it’s medical records, financials, or donor data, you need to make sure that data stays confidential. No matter what size non-profit you are, we have solutions that will keep your data accessible while remaining completely confidential.

Are you HIPAA compliant? All of our staff are trained on HIPAA to serve you best. We are also well versed on PCI compliance for those of you who accept credit cards for donations.

We Work With You.

Your non-profit is unique; so are your technology needs. We work with our non-profit clients to develop a support plan that works best for them, not for us.

On top of this, we can also offer recommendations for grants to pay for costly technology infrastructure upgrades, like a new server, networking and other needs.