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We all know that backing up company information is critical, yet many companies don't have a foolproof method of keeping their information safe. For example, have you heard one of these statements recently?
  • "The tape failed last night." or "I forgot to put in the tape."
  • "I forgot to run the backup job."
  • "John (or Sally) didn't close the database so it wasn't backed up."


Our Backup service protects you with a foolproof method of securing your data. We offer both on-site and off-site duplication of your files. It's on-site so that you can easily access an accidentally deleted file or if the server crashes. It's off-site in the event of a true disaster where the office equipment has been lost, stolen or damaged. We offer different levels of service to meet your specific needs:
  • Full image backup of your server or key workstations.
  • Virtual server failover in the event of a server crash.
With our Backup service you can upgrade protection without expensive up-front costs. The service includes the hardware, software upgrades, monitoring and warranty. If the unit fails, we replace it at no charge. All you do is pay a monthly charge. Contact us for more information.
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