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We offer a full range of IT services for small and medium-sized businesses. Here is a sample of the services we can provide for you.

Purchasing Computer Equipment

Not sure what’s the best equipment to purchase for your specific needs? Eliminate the guesswork by having RCC advise you. We’ll help you analyze your needs and determine the best equipment for you. Then we will purchase and install the equipment for you.

Installing Software and Hardware

In today's computing environment, assembling a computer can be relatively easy. Configuring it to work in your office takes more time. When we set up new equipment, we configure it for your office's network. We make sure that key data files are easily accessible. Your staff can be productive immediately.


Upgrades sometimes require training your staff to use the new technology effectively. We provide individual and group training as needed.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Even though you aren't a Fortune 500 company you still need to plan your technology budget. We can help by developing a technology plan for your office. We work with you to determine the needs of your organization. We then help you implement the plan. This helps you know what’s best for your situation. You have the peace of mind to get on with running your business.


Some of the biggest frustrations with computer equipment is identifying and solving those pesky computer problems. Let us help you solve these problems with our Help Desk and on-site support.

Network and Security Assessment

Is your system performing as well as it’s designed to perform? Do you have security issues affecting the integrity of your information? We can review your network and recommend improvements as necessary.
Core Network IT Services - Providence, Newport, Fall River

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