Firewall & Network Security


Your firewall is the single most important security device protecting your network from external threats. Hackers are always developing new methods of penetrating defenses. Therefore, using the latest firewall protection is essential. Our managed firewall service takes the worry out of these threats.


We use the latest generation firewalls, with secure wireless, gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, content filtering and the capability to have secure remote access (VPN). We monitor the equipment to ensure that everything is running properly. You get the best protection possible.

Fixed Fee

With our Firewall service we can replace your equipment without expensive up-front costs. The service includes the hardware, software upgrades, monitoring and warranty. If the unit fails, we replace it at no charge. All you do is pay a monthly charge. Contact us for more information.
Firewall & Network Security - Providence, Newport, Fall River

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