Secure Password Management


Passwords are a pain. Every login needs a unique and secure (long and complicated) password. But each of us have an average of 19 login accounts! It’s impossible to remember everything. Because we are inundated with passwords, your staff is likely using weak passwords, storing them on a sticky note or on a spreadsheet. Maybe they’re using the same password for every site. This puts your company at risk! Did you know that 30% of data breaches are caused by weak passwords? Good passwords are the key to good security. But good password practices are hard to keep up. So what can you do?


A password vault is a secure place for your employees to keep all of their passwords. Employees can quickly record their own passwords. Plus they can share company passwords with other company employees who need them. That way, your billing team can share their important, shared passwords. But HR won’t have access. The best part is that your employees can maintain all their passwords, easily. Your password vault is the same vault that we use to keep your network passwords. That means we can share passwords with key employees at your company. Plus, we can manage it for you. We can setup your folders, permissions, users, and anything else you need for a small monthly fee. Some other amazing features
  • Manage your employees’ accounts and their access.
  • Login into saved websites with one click, using the included browser extensions.
  • Access your passwords on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Use our password generator to instantly create secure passwords.
  • Flag all passwords used by a departing employee.
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