Protect Yourself From Disasters

Without a Disaster Recovery Plan, you are gambling on your organization's survival!

What is Disaster Recovery Planning?

Disaster Recovery Planning confronts the possibility of a disaster. An interruption could be caused by a winter storm, the loss of electricity to the general area or the complete inaccessibility of a facility for an extended period of time. It might be due to theft or accidental damage to key equipment. The cause of the disaster is not important. What is critical is to be able to regain control of the operation. Contingency preparation is a proactive catastrophe management plan driven by your business requirements.

What would happen if the lights went out?

  • If your server's hard drive failed, how long would it take to recover?
  • Could your organization survive a small fire near your main computer?
  • Could a malicious employee bring your organization to its knees?
  • Are you dependent on internet access? If so, what would happen if you lost access for three days?

Why is Disaster Recovery Planning Important?

Our government is responsible for responding to most large-scale disasters. But only you are responsible for the recovery of your business in the event of a disaster. Your company's recovery is strictly up to you, and it starts with a disaster recovery plan. How would your organization respond to a major fire? What about the theft of your computer equipment? How might you be affected by sabotage? Are there other circumstances that would have a major impact on your organization? Even something as mundane as the loss of your network server could have a disastrous effect. Contact us for more information on developing a Disaster/Recovery Plan.
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