I cannot be happier with their services

As a small business, our company had an internal IT person for about ten years. In the last couple years, as the company grew, we debated outsourcing our IT needs, but we were worried about the additional cost and the amount of time it would take to make the switch. We prolonged our decision too long and in February 2016 we were hit with an encryption virus that wiped out an employee’s entire hard drive as well hundreds of files on other computers. Our business was shut down for days while we ordered new computers and tried to recover old files. Unfortunately, it took this event for us to realize how vulnerable our IT infrastructure was in the hands of our current IT person. It turned out our IT person had never done a backup of any employee computers and we were not able to recover any of the information on the encrypted hard drive; we lost years of client’s paperwork and information. The amount money and time we lost due to this encryption virus cannot be measured.

When we made the decision to use RCC there were still some skeptical people in the office. The biggest hesitation was that RCC didn’t understand our business and what we did day to day. Another concern was the cost. The final concern was how much time and frustration would be involved in the switch.

After several months of working with the RCC staff, I cannot be happier with their services. They have gone out of their way to work with our schedule and make the transition extremely smooth. The entire RCC staff is responsive, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. I feel the cost of outsourcing our IT needs has been well worth it. The billing is very accurate and fair and we receive a detailed invoice every month. Since we have been working with RCC I can’t remember feeling frustrated with my computer at any point, and I cannot think of a single time that anyone in our office lost productivity due to an unresolved issue.

We are very happy with RCC and I only wish I had made the switch a couple years earlier.

Bridget Waitkus
N.E. Bridge Contractor, Inc