They have earned my professional respect

RCC was not the cheapest quote I received. My decision to hire RCC was based on their ability to share the knowledge of the services and more importantly the hardware/appliances that we needed. We needed a new network file sharing device and RCC was the only company that took the time to explain the benefits of the product. Michael personally showed me why the appliance was superior to the other systems quoted by other service providers. I shared my concerns about the process; Michael was able to intelligently explain how RCC handled these type of situations. I am impressed with how RCC overcame the problems that did arise too! This is IT. Unexpected problems will arise, and they did. Each time RCC staff took care of the problem, kept me happy and made sure I was not over billed or felt like I was being taken advantage of. I had trust when I hired RCC and they did not waiver on their commitment to our relationship. In the end, I have complete trust in RCC's staff going forward. They have earned my professional respect. Thank you.

Sir Speedy Cranston